Friday, December 24, 2010

Come The Vegan Revolution I Will Not Be Living In the Vegan Suburbs

Hello all you beautiful beings,

so about a year and a half ago I, and the rest of my intentional spiritually community, made the commitment to eat local as much as possible. Luckily for us we are blessed to live in an area where a lot of local products can be readily found. We also have a Community Supported Agriculture share, both during the summer time but then also during the winter and a fruit share for our fruit and juice.

As I have mentioned before I was raised vegetarian and have been severally allergic to dairy for about thirteen years at this point. However one of my community members is off and on vegan so we decided as a community to cook and eat vegan as much as possible.

Since then I've had a love/hate relationship with the vegan community. I really love cooking and eating vegan, I think all the vegan food I've cooks thus far has been very tasty. I like the challenge of adapting recipes and trying new things. I however dislike a lot of vegan cookbooks assumption that A. I'm made of money and B. that I can get whatever food whenever I want it. I mean I don't mean to get testy but I dislike the assumption that I'll be eating green peppers or avocados in the dead of winter when I do not live where avocado's grow. It was also an endless source of frustration to me when I was in a low-income college student and recipes would call for ingredients that cost more then I could afford to spend on the entire meal.

In fact the most helpful vegan cookbook I use the most often is The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook which was written and published before you could get almond milk or buy sun dried tomatoes in grocery stores.

So my personal goal when I write recipes and post them here is to make sure that it is possible to make them with a low income and a mind to wear the food is coming from as much as possible. If I use something that is expensive, unneeded or, outrageously not in season I will make it optional.

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