Friday, August 12, 2011

I am still alive and on this journey

sooo, after about six months of silence I am back and going to try to update this blog.

-First off I am moving from the place I've been living for two years.

-And I am going back to school for a very shiny and hopefully useful paralegal degree.

-Since I last posted I was accepted into the masters program in history at The New School of Social Research in New York City! Yeah! However the down side was that I ended up not being able to afford it. Still it was a huge ego boost to get in since it's a very, very good program. And there is always next year. I'm not giving up on history anytime soon.

- I am also getting more serious about my fiction writing. That's very exciting because I've written primarily for my self since I was in my early teens but never thought seriously about . . . well doing it more seriously until now. You can check out what's been going on with that at my original fiction writing journal  Be warned though I tend to write predominantly queer romance/erotic fiction within different genres so if queer people falling for each other and getting it on isn't your thing I might not be writer for you.

-Also I've been keeping myself from getting too stressed by listening to 2CELLO and being soothed by their awesomeness. Seriously people these two are made of awesome:

-also trolls! I love mythology and folk lore. A lot. I just forget that when I don't read any for a while. Lately I've been reading a lot about scandinavian trolls, which is incredibly interesting and awesome and is making my want to write fantasy. Not to mention the pretty, pretty art people have done of these trolls over the years.

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