Monday, May 21, 2012

One of the Greatest Art Forms

So something very few people know about me is that I am a huge, huge opera fan. As far as I'm concerned opera, when done well, combines some of the best parts of music, singing, story telling and acting. It is just so amazing to watch a talented opera company perform one of the great operas.  It is a truly emotional, mesmerizing incredible experience. I like listening to operas too although for me the music and the vocals are only half of what a great opera production is all about. I like watching videos of great productions as well but nothing equals actually being there in person.

Thus it's always been a dream of mine to see at least one opera performed by the Metropolitan Opera company in person. My sister who is just as big an opera fan as I am had been plotting with me for years to one day go to New York and see a production. Since tickets run several hundred dollars or more though we always framed it as sometime in the distance future.  

Of course the Met's latest production of the Wagner's The Ring Cycle is the talk of the opera world right now and when I started reading about it and then going online to look at the next season at the Met I saw that they actually have some opportunities for students to see productions on the cheap (well somewhat cheap). I began to think the time when I would see a production at the Met in person might be coming.

So yes, I have no production in particular picked out or dates set but one of my goals for the next opera season is to see if I can swing going to see at least one.

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