Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Article Recommendation

check out the awesome article on the phrase "chicks with dicks" and effeminate gay men. I really hope this opens up a larger discussion about effeminacy and femininity and how we represent it when it come to gay men and other people.


  1. Hey, speaking of this, I've been invited to send Chicks and Dicks some of my questions regarding the ethical responsibilities of m/m authors to the gay community; they may do a panel with a few different authors. Suggestions for what you want to see discussed?

  2. I've been reading so much stuff around this, the original article and comments, my related but not exactly on topic article, this article I recced, Megan's article on LJ. I'm trying to mull it all over and come up with something coherent. So I'll get back to you on that.

  3. I guess after mulling it over for a while I really think the conversation needs to turn away from who can and can not write about gay men and how straight women can never understand "real" gay experience and so on. Because that is been rehashed and rehashed and is wrong on a lot of different levels. I think all of us, as writers regardless of genre (and human being quite frankly), have a responsibility to fight systems of oppression. These systems include the way people are presented Othered and dehumanized within cultural images including fiction. I really do think we have a responsibility not to continue these representations whether they are of straight women and men, people of color, tans* men and women, genderqueer people, lesbians, bisexual people, asexual people, people with disabilities, or yes gay men.

    Because Western society is so messed up this is actually quite hard to do and we could all stand with learning to do it better.

    so that's my two cents