Friday, January 25, 2013

Doctor Who Scarf: Update Two

The scarf has been coming along quite well.

About a foot into it I began to worry about the length in earnest though. Luckily for me I belong to a Doctor Who scarf knitting community on Ravelry someone suggested using one of the patterns for the scarf written to be knit in a bulky or aran weight and knit it in a light worsted instead as a method of shortening. I started to knit it that way instead and have been very pleased with the way it's coming along thus far. I think when it's done it will be about 8 feet long.

It's been bitter cold for the last few days here so I've kind of wished I started in the fall so I would have it done by now. The scarf is long but not hard to knit and I've been pacing myself by doing roughly a stripe a day and I'm more than half way done now.  I don't forsee this taking me as long as I had expected. I would definitely recommend this as a good project for any Doctor Who fan who wants an easy project.

The scarf is long enough at this point that it doesn't fit nicely in the picture any more.

I keep it rolled up like a jelly roll for easy storage and also so it doesn't take up too much room when I'm knitting it.

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