Monday, March 11, 2013

A Writerly Update

So I realized I hadn't done an update in a while. Usually I hold off on doing an official "this is what is coming up" post until I have covers of my upcoming releases to display. Since I do have upcoming releases just not covers I figured I'd do one in the nude, as it were.

Business Makes Strange Bedfellows: 
is a short story which will be published in Storm Moon Press' upcoming lesbian vampire anthology Blood and Lipstick. In an alternative 19th century New York City Dr. Bower, Gert to her close acquaintances, works to use galvanism to reanimate the dead. Her search is cut short however when a mysterious and loathsome tentacle monster explodes out of one of her cadavers and then escapes into the city leaving carnage in its wake. To recapture it Gert is forced to make a deal with the vampire detective De Luca, Vi to a very few people most of whom are dead now. The two band together and plot to slay the beast, enlisting the help of a Chinese laundryman, a Irish butcher, one of the inmates of New York City's Lunatic Asylum and an alchemist professor along the way.

The Possession of Lawrence Eugene Davis: 
is a short story which will be published in Storm Moon Press' upcoming Queer Fear anthology. Almost immediately upon reentering the house were his estranged father lived and died Lawrence Davis begins experience disturbing phenomenon. Still things might not be all that bad, Lawrence is drawn back to his father's ranch by the stable of prize horses and an unusually enticing ranch hand to boot. So Lawrence chalks up any strangeness to the bad memories the house holds and the shadows of the Great War which now, over a decade later still hang over him. What started out as strange noises and bad dreams escalates quickly however, until Lawrence knows for certain there is something inside him, something which does not belong. As things spiral out of control the only rescue comes in the form of a well dressed stranger who turns up at his door in the middle of the night claiming to be able to help and wanting only to strike a deal ... Note: this story does not have a traditional happy ending. In fact I fully expect many readers to read as not having a happy ending at all.

Weird Magic: 
is a short story which will be published in Storm Moon Press' upcoming Dracones anthology. When someone using alchemic power steals his own magic Daire's comes to New York City with a set of very simple goals: find the alchemist, kill the alchemist and never trust another alchemist again. This is easier said than done however as his plans to find a way to restore some of his lost power, track down the power-thieving alchemist, and reap his revenge keep getting tangled up in the affairs of one Doctor Faulkner. Cyras Faulkner is a Virginia transplant suffering through New York winters, a profession who practices back alley medicine for the underground world of magical creatures, and very much an alchemist. Cyras finds himself intrigued by Daire's prickly, dragon-ness, but also his sharp mind, his tendency to hoard books and his love of coffee. Yet as magical creatures from the poorer parts of the city start turning up dead Cyras and Daire find their private goals and crusades colliding far more sinisterly than either could have predicted.

Like Fire Through Bone: 
is my first full length novel and was accepted by Dreamspinner Press. Vasilios Eleni has learned to be content with the life of a slave and an eunuch in the household of a wealthy silk merchant. When he begins having dreams of a demon who steals away children and eats them alive though Vasilios' well ordered life begins to unravel. Soon he finds himself working with General Markos son of Ă–zdemir, one of the Emperor's most trusted military leaders and a man Vasilios harbors romantic feelings for. Markos is convinced Vasilios' dreams are prophetic and the key to tracking down the demon. As they work together their relationship begins to deepen and Markos admits to feelings of his own. At the same time Vasilios is pulled into a world of desert mystics, half-serpent monks, ex-concubines, angels, and heretical theology. As the danger mounts though and more children go missing Vasilios finds himself trapped in the household of a man who hates him and thrives on abuse and separated from Markos and the investigation. Now to survive Vasilios must choose between disobeying his master or leaving Markos and his new found dreams of freedom behind forever.

Selume Proferre:  
Is a novella length ebook which will be published by Less Than Three Press. An-An Li-Johnson lives an easy-going, quiet life. She works part time at her friend's bookstore, is active in the local LGBTQ scene, and also does some temp work for the big name spell-craft firm Simon and Davidson. Then she's hired to work with an up and coming exorcist at Simon and Davidson, M.C. Andersen. At first An-An doesn't know what to make of her ambitious and prickly new boss. M.C. is deeply involved in the world of high stakes spell-craft, determined to carve out a place for herself among the extremely hierarchical and old fashioned world of professional exorcists. Although she can be demanding and abrasive at times M.C. treats An-An with respect, despite An-An position as an inscriber without any aptitude for spell casting. As they work together on a high stakes case of demonic possession, An-An finds herself becoming more and more attracted to M.C. Just as their relationship looks like it might be deepening into something more though, the case suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

Much, much worse. 

Song of the Spring Moon Waning: 
is a novalla length ebook which will be published by Less Than Three Press. It takes place in the same universe as Zi Yong and the Collector of Secrets. A note requesting the return of a song thrush he does not have propels student, Wen Yu, into a world of talking animals, magical poetry, and a beautiful imperial eunuch. Accosted by a talking tortoise, Wen Yu quickly finds himself enlisted to translate a collection of mysterious moon poems in hopes of finding a cure for Imperial eunuch Liu Yi illness. Mysteries mount, Wen Yu and Liu Yi's lives intertwine with an ancient, celestial romance, and Wen Yu finds himself questioning his decision to follow a life of scholarship. As romance between the two blossoms Liu Yi offers Wen Yu an uncertain life of adventure and magic. Yet Wen Yu feels bound to live out his father's dream and take the Palace Examination which will mean soon he and Liu Yi will part ways forever.

To a casual observer reading this list it might appear I do nothing but write, locked away in an underground dungeon somewhere but in reality I wrote several of these stories a while ago and only finished editing/polishing/working up the courage to submit them now. 

I will continue to update as expected release dates, covers and so on are made available to me.  

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