Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Way To Your Heart: Less Than Three Press' birthday blog hop is coming soon!

Less Than Three Press was the first publisher I ever submitted a story to, and they were the first to ever accept a story from me. Less Than Three is run by an incredibly talented group of individuals, and have an amazing group of writers, and artists who work for them. Not only do they produce quality literature but they are author oriented and are always one of the first publishers to go out on a limb and try knew things in the QUILTBAG romance community. Working with them has been my great honor and pleasure.

In April 2013 Less Than Three Press will be turning four years old! To celebrate they are putting on a blog hop where authors and staff will be talking about the things they love (asides from well-crafted romance) and doing other awesome things.

On this blog I will be talking about my long standing love of the Sherlock Holmes stories, my life as a Holmesian and why I think Sherlock Holmes is a queer icon. I will also be giving away some amazing anthologies with some of my very own Victorian detective stories in them, so keep a close eye on this space next week! 

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