Friday, April 12, 2013

A Writerly (coffee-flavored) Update

so I have a whole slew of things coming out in the next month or so and then again in the fall.

Soon To Be Released: 

Blood and Lipstick will be coming out April 26th 2013. It includes my lesbian vampire steampunk/Victorian fantasy story Business Makes Strange Bedfellows. You can pre-order it here for less then its normal price. 

Queer Fear comes out May14th  2013. It will include my erotic horror story The Possession of Lawrence Eugene Davis. It is set during the 1930s in the American South West and involves demonic possession and an incubus. You can pre-order it here for 20% off.

Dracones comes out on May 17th 2013. This is an anthology chock full of dragon stories and includes my steampunk-y/Victorian fantasy story Weird Magics. You can pre-order the anthology here. 

Works in Progress:

-I am in the editing process for Memory of Blood and Lotuses getting it ready for submission. It is my Egyptian vampire story and I will be submitting it to Less Than Three for their Proud To Be a Vampire call.

-I have started writing the sequel to Like Fire Through Bone. It is shaping up to be a very different story in a lot of ways which is a good thing. I'm enjoying writing it and I am enjoying viewing this world at a totally different angle.

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