Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dracones Anthology

Dracones anthology came out on Friday May 17th. I was busy over at my sister's house since she graduated from Princeton Theological this weekend and also busy with the Hop Against Homophobia and Trans*phobia. So I didn't post about it.

Dracones anthology from Storm Moon Press is the a collection of short(ish) story about dragons and the men or male-identified-creatures who love them. It includes my story 'Weird Magics' which is the story with the shortest title I've ever written. It also fulfills a life goal of mine by being a book I, at least in part, wrote with a dragon on the cover ::fist pumps::

On a more serious note 'Weird Magics' is set in the same steampunky Victorian New York City as 'Business Makes Strange Bedfellows.' It involves a Irish wyrm who's come to New York seeking revenge, an alchemist doctor who is just trying to do the right thing, a plot to kidnap and experiment on magical creatures in the back alleys of New York and several secret societies. The story also includes some adventure and some sexy times. 

There are also lots of other amazing stories in this anthology you should totally check it out.

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