Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Writerly Update: paperback novels and the apocalypse

I had a really busy Friday, with a number of meetings one of which ran long, a paper to rewrite and then I inspected over thirty-four apartments in the evening.

Oh and Like Fire Through Bone came out. Yay! It's only been about twenty four hours and I've already gotten at least one positive review that I know of so fingers crossed.

I also had a great conversation about tags and warnings recently and should say in the interest of full disclosure that Like Fire Through Bone has some stuff which should probably be warned for. First and foremost is the images of graphic violence surrounding the demon killing babies. I tried not to be gratuitous about it but I also didn't want to sugarcoat the full horror either. The story also deal with the issue of slavery and all of the dehumanization and coercion that goes with it, there is reference made to coerced sex as part of this. There are also several scenes were slaves, including Vasilios are physically abused to discipline them. There is also reference made to domestic abuse and the legal owning of women as property.

So yeah, some tough stuff. 

 So some interesting and exciting things on the horizon.

Recently Megan Derr from Less Than Three asked me if I would be interested in having Selume Proferre published as both an ebook and a paperback. Selume Proferre is only about 20K-ish long so it is solidly a novella but evidently the lovely ladies at LT3 often get asked for lesbian romance paperbacks and were looking to add to their collection. I said sure, why not, if they thought they could sell paperback copies of something so short I would be game.

So Selume Proferre which comes out on November 6th will be available both as an ebook and as a paperback. And really who wouldn't want to own a paper copy of such a lovely cover at the very least.

 The Memory of Blood and Lotuses is still scheduled to be released on October 30th just in the nick of time for Halloween. It should be in both ebook and paperback form as well.

I am hoping to have something else Halloween-ish to offer for free out around that time as well but I've been side tracked so we will have to see.

Speaking of being side tracked a long, long time ago I started writing a post-apocalyptic science fiction story. This was well before I was even published or thought I was going to be published. Then my computer failed and I thought that the story was one of the many documents I had lost. So I moved on.

Over a year later I unearthed the manuscript on a flash drive I had forgotten I owed. I read over it and thought it had promise to started writing it again. I got to about 40K and felt I had reached a natural ending but there was something missing from the overall piece, I wasn't satisfied with the story, so I set it aside and moved on again.

About a week and a half ago I came back to it on a whim, read it over and thought of some ways to change the plot, add some characters, re-write some places to make it a more fulfilling story arch and quite frankly a better romance. Over the last week and a half to two weeks I've written almost 20K brings it up to 60K and my aim is at least 65K but we will see.

I am hoping to finish it up certianly within the next week at most since it's not what I am technically "supposed" to be writing. Then I will need to find a beta reader since this thing has been Frankensteined together over the course of multiple years and we will see where it goes from there.

Things also to write: 
-I have a very short free read about a ballet dancer and an opera singer set in the same universe as A Matter of Disagreement that I need to finish (it's only missing the sex scene).
-I really, really want to write my Arthurian knights story for Less Than Three Press' Won't Back Down call but I need to get a move on or it won't happen.
-I need to get started on my superhero/sex geek in Kosher deli story or that won't happen either. Talya Andor is giving me a little bit of a competitive edge on that one since I know she's already started writing hers.

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