Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coming Soon (-ish): A Matter of Disagreement

A Matter of Disagreement is being published by Less Than Three Press and has a tentative release date of March 25th 2014. 

It is set in a steampunk world based in equal measures the Regency period England and per-Revolutionary France. 

Unofficial Blurb: 
As a scholar of spell craft and literature Lord Ashcroft de Bourbon, Andrea,  has been watching his funding drain away due to the rise of mechanical animation. Now he faces the possibility of no longer being able to peruse his own research and worse having to let go of his research assistants, some of which rely on him to support their families. Mechanical animation, the source of Andrea's problems, combines mechanical engineering with spell craft. It has become the darling of the Emperor's court garnering enthusiastic support at the expense of every other discipline. In retaliation Andrea begins a very public campaign to knock the mechanical animation field down a few pegs via the pages of academic journals and publications. While his intellectual attacks earn him notoriety they do not solve his financial problems.

When Andrea is dragged to a court party by his social latter climbing brother, Mathis, he finally comes face to face with the man who pioneered mechanical animation, Léon Gregory de la Marche VI, Marquis de la Marche. The Marquis is not what Andrea expected though, handsome, interesting and surprisingly reasonable Andrea is immediately attracted to him. Yet as soon as the question of academics is raised sparks of the all together angry sort fly between the two. Mathis is angling to marry the Marquis' sister though and Andrea knows that continuing to antagonize the Marquis will only make his position worse, so he begins trying to rebuild some of the bridges he has burnt. While the Marquis seems just as eager to put their differences behind them progress is slow going as tempers flair and personalities clash. When things go from bad to worse in Andrea's professional life the tensions between him and the Marquis reach a head and something will have to break.

Originally I wrote this story, just for fun without the intent of having it published but I am so excited that I will be able to share it with all of you come March.

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