Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let's Talk Sex: Gay Erotic Comics: Dale Lazarov

A while back Dale Lazarov started following me on Twitter. At first I didn't really notice, a lot of people follow me on Twitter and for the most part usually I can't really figure out why. Then Dale posted a link to his gay erotic comics and I decided to take a look.

The first thing I noticed was Dale and the arts he works with write about bears, big hairy guys having lots of explicit, sometimes piggy sex. The second thing I noticed was there was no dialog in the comics the stories being told through the illustrations alone.

Well I am a fan of this type of gay erotica and porn and I was intrigued by the idea of erotic comics without words so I bought a couple.


Written and edited by Dale Lazarov, drawn by Bastian Jonsson and colored by Yann Duminil, NIGHTLIFE is a gay erotic comic series that features stories set in gay nightlife. In "Steam", Zeus find himself a calmly detached tourist in a Greek bathhouse until Heph rises from the pool like a marvel of grace and masculinity. That Heph is a paraplegic does not put a damper on their steamy, passionate encounter as he is both ready and able...

Pros: Nightlife 4 was the first comic I bought. I picked it because I liked the style of the art but also because it is hard to find good representations of gay men with disabilities. I liked this one a lot, the sex was nicely done and hot. I enjoyed the fact that it took place in a bathhouse and that it included a happy ending while still putting the eroticism of a semi-anonymous sexual encounter first and foremost. I apraciated the use of condoms during the sex scenes, and the way Heph's disability was handled.

Cons: my only cons would be that I wanted it to be longer over all. I would have been happy to read a comic twice or three times as long as this short about these characters. Also for whatever reason the pdf version did not play well with my computer and some of the pages looked grainier than I would have liked. If you can get this in the paper copy then it would be well worth your money I think, simply for a better quality of art over the digital version. 


MANLY is a book of gay erotic comics full of kink and tenderness between masculine men. Amy Colburn, an up-and-coming illustrator of hot male-on-male art, and color artist Dominic Cordoba join Dale Lazarov to bring you manly stories about manly men doing manly things to each other.

Amy’s clean, muscular Disney-style art meshes with Dale’s eye for carnality and sweetness with a touch of kink and scruff. MANLY #1 features “Busted”, a gay erotic comic about a hot rest stop bubba who helps a tough guy Federal agent stop an escaping crystal meth chef. They both get medals — and then bust each other…

Pros: This is probably my favorite comic of the ones I've bought so far. I loved Amy Colburn's art style. I found it incredibly cute and fun to look at without being too over the top cartoon-y. There was some bondage, which I always like, and definitely a little bit of power play. My hat goes off to both Dale and Amy for making it obvious that a.) power play was happening and b.) it was consensual without the use of words at all. There was some incredibly hot tit play in this one too.

The blond dude is one of my favorite character types ever. I think he and his brooding silver fox of a cop made a really cute couple. The combination of cute and slightly fluffy along with some really hard core sex that veers a little into the raunchy was a combination that totally worked for me.

Cons: Again my computer did not love the pdf format to the point where I actually considered buying the paper version so I could really enjoyed each page of the comic. It should be noted though that not only do I use a Mac but my computer is old enough that it doesn't really place nicely with anyone anymore. Asides from that again I would have loved it to be longer, I was totally up for another round by the end of the comic.

STICKY is a three-issue comic series of erotic tales of man-on-man carnality and sweetness written by Dale Lazarov and drawn by Steve MacIsaac. STICKY #2 features a gay erotic comic titled "Talk Show Queers". What happens to the gorgeous gay rodeo star after he's been brutally dumped by a boyfriend who declares himself straight in front of a talk show audience? Well, in 'Talk Show Queers,' he gets picked up by the hot, burly security guy sitting front row center!

Pros: Again both the artist and writer did a great job getting the story across without actually using text to tell us anything. This was particularly impressive because in this one the story was a little more complicated then in the previous two comics I bought. The sex was definitely hot and the relationships was sweet. Overall though this was my least favorite of the comics I've bought so far.

Cons: once again the pdf format worked less than well for me. Also I was a not as much of a fan of the art work in this one. I am also not as much of a fan of cowboys as a lot of people I know. Still I was ultimately glad I'd bought and read it.

Like with most people who put out great LGBTQ erotic or romantic content Dale Lazarov and the artists who work on the individual projects are not making huge amounts of money off it this. These comics are mostly a labor of love -- love for sexy erotica. So if you are into gay erotic comics I would definitely suggest showing your support and check them out. The paper anthologies cost more but the digital copies of the individual comics are only a few bucks a piece and well worth the money I think.

Edit: Dale Lazarov recommended that I get Simple Comic which is free to download and clears up many of the problems involving blurriness and trouble loading I had with the digital format before. It makes my reading experience of the comics much more enjoyable.

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