Thursday, December 12, 2013

Like Fire Through Bone: Revisited

A few days ago I got a review for Like Fire Through Bone that started off: "Unusual and engrossing tale with a well-developed viewpoint character. The intriguing slow-burn romance shared focus with a nicely paced linear plot." 

I have been amazing at the really positive response Like Fire Through Bone as received. The vast majority of the reviews I have gotten have been positive. 

Back October it ended up on the poll of books being considered for group read over at M/M Romance GoodReads Group. To my surprised it got a lot more votes than I was expecting especially since it was up against Contemporary books from much more popular authors. 

A few days ago Sasha Miller tweeted me asking if I had seen Like Fire Through Bone was nominated for the Member's Choice Awards over at the M/M Romance GoodReads Group again.  

I hadn't so I went to take a look and discovered it had been nominated for two categories, best fantasy and best paranormal m/m romance. 
I was once again thrilled and astonished that it was nominated along side much more popular books by much better known authors. You can vote for Like Fire Through Bone here whether you are member of the GoodReads M/M Romance Group or not. 

Before Like Fire Through Bone came out I was approached by one of the staff writers of a theology journal. He is responsible for writing up the book review section for the journal and as a trans man wanted to highlight books written by other queer people of faith. He asked if he could review Like Fire Through Bone.

I told him I would have no problem with that but that Like Fire Through Bone was a romance novel with several explicit sex scenes. If anything that made him more excited to read it and publish a review of it. 

So when I got my author's copies of the paperback I sent him off one. 

Yesterday morning we sat down together for an interview over Skype. This was the first time I'd ever talked about my writing and being an author for an interview, since usually I do written interviews. It was a strange but amazing experience. He asked lots of great questions which linked together my identities as a person of faith, a queer person and an artist in ways I had never thought of. 

At one point in the interview he said to me "as a trans man I was so moved by the sex scene at the end of the book and the really tender depiction of negotiation and consent. There seemed to be a strong message that it's okay if your body isn't perfect, or functions differently or isn't complete in some way. You portrayed sex that does take work and negotiation but is still loving and tender. I just found that so powerful." 

That pretty much made my entire year. 

I will be posting more information about the interview once it comes out within the next couple months. 

I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have been buy, reading, reviewing and nominating Like Fire Through Bone. It is a book I am very proud of and a story I loved writing. 

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