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Excerpt: A Smutty Scene from the Mechanical Universe

Since I already shared a snippet from one of the two Mechanical Universe stories I'm working on I figured I might as well share another. This is a sexy scene from the longer of the two stories I'm writing, set in the same universe as A Matter of Disagreement and Duende.

The main character in this story is Captain Jérémie Ouakili second in command of the City Guard. He appeared briefly in Duende.


Jérémie hung up his greatcoat and climbed the stairs to his apartment before taking off his boots.

A knock came at the door followed by Matthew.

"How was your day?" Matthew held out the pup he'd been carrying and Jérémie felt more relief than he liked to admit as he took the wiggling puppy from Matthew.

"It was fine, quiet." He sat in his armchair in front of the fire and put the pup on his lap. "just how I like it."

"Good to hear." Matthew bustled around the room straightening things before heading for the door "Dinner will be really in a few minutes. Don't drink too much brandy before your eat, it'll spoil your appetite."

Jérémie smiled to himself as Matthew pulled the door closed behind him.

He shifted causing the chair to groan under his weight and stretched out his legs more. There was a little twinge of stiffness around his left knee and hip. Jérémie shook his head "I'm turning into an old man." He told the pup on his lap. "going to have to retire soon, and pack it in."

The pup sniffed his fingers, pawed at the leg of his trousers and then flopped onto his side.

His hip twinged again and Jérémie frowned and shifted. For all he liked to joke about it, he was beginning to think retirement might not be that far away. What would he do? Jérémie had never really thought about it. Buy a house somewhere? Stay in the city? When it came right down to it what did he have outside of the Guard and the military? With a shake of his head Jérémie tried to put aside those kinds of thoughts. He stroked one hand along the pup's back instead.

"I should find you a name." The little thing butted his head against Jérémie's hand looking up at him out of his one good eye. "Or better yet someone who has the time to take care of your properly and the space for when you get big."

Matthew pushed open the door again this time carrying a tray."Who are you talking to?" He put the tray down on the table and began arranging Jérémie's supper "Don't tell me you're talking to the dog."

"There's nothing wrong with that." Jérémie tickled the pup under the chin. "That's what dogs are good for in a city, companionship."

"that and chasing rats and protecting the household." Matthew picked back up the now empty tray "Although I suppose the little one won't be doing much of either, poor thing."

"You'd be surprised." Jérémie rubbed the pup's belly as the pup squirmed happily on his lap "he's tough, I think he'll make an excellent guard dog one day."

Matthew just raised one eyebrow. "Don't forget to feed him. I fed him porridge earlier in the afternoon but he'll probably need more if he's to grow."

Jérémie gently put the puppy on the floor in front of the fire and went over to the table. There was a small bowl of rice porridge and chicken along with his own food Jérémie saw. Jérémie too had chicken, it smelled delicious and seemed to have been cooked in a wine sauce. There was more wine on the table too along with potatoes cooked with fresh garlic greens

Opting to feed the pup before tucking into the food, Jérémie picked up the bowl of mush and went to sit on the floor next to the little creature.

"I still need to find you a name." Jérémie offered the pup a few fingers full of porridge and watched him practically fall over in his attempt to get to the food faster. "What would be a good name for a pup like you?"

The pup gnawed at the tip of one of Jérémie's fingers until Jérémie fed him more porridge.

"What do you think my little fighter? What name would be good?" the puppy looked up at Jérémie and continued to eat.

He should just admit it, for only having had the pup less than forty eight hours he was ridiculously attached.

"Lucas." Jérémie tried "Maxime, Meal, Bastien," The pup started biting his fingers again. "Loïc" the pup gobbled down more food and Jérémie continued to feed him until the porridge was gone.

He stood finally ignoring the pup's smile whine and went to wash his hands and eat his own supper.

He wondered if he would see Takahashi tomorrow, not really sure what he would say if he did. Business wise it would be a perfunctory meeting, just so he could rule out the possibility of Takahashi being threatened or attacked. Personally though he supposed there was nothing really to say.

I've been a fan of yours for years, watched your every fight, and fantasized about having you many times. Obviously not.

Jérémie shook his head and poured himself a glass of wine.

There was a pinch at his leg and Jérémie looked down to see the pup had somehow with only three legs managed to travel from the hearth rug to under the table. The little one whined and bite Jérémie ankle against.

Jérémie gave it a firm stare and the pup settled down curled up on Jérémie's foot.

Turning back to his meal Jérémie tried to quell the small knot of nerves in his stomach at the prospect of speaking face to face with Takahashi.

After eating, he settled in his arm chair with another glass of wine. The pup lay sprawled on one side on the hearth rug gently snoring. Jérémie picked up the book he'd been reading on and off for weeks now.

The young duke main character of Passion's Secret and his best friend had been  practicing fencing but quickly ended up having rough and sweaty sex instead.

There was no doubt it was hot, Jérémie could feel his heart speed up and arousal curl between his thighs as he read. His mind kept drifting away from the scene though and going back to the last time he'd seen Takahashi. It had been his last fight before he'd retired. It made nerves and a little bit of guilt mix with the pleasure in Jérémie's belly but he let his mind picture Takahashi anyway.

Takahashi was a big man, tall, broad, with a soft, large stomach that went along with the heavy muscles in his arms, legs and chest. He had powerful thighs and shoulders like a bull's and his chest was covered in thick dark hair, now going grey.

He moved fast in the ring, for a man of his age and size. He could be very still too, waiting and allowing his, often younger, opponents to tire themselves by attacking him. When he attacked though it was with speed and strength that had won him more fights then Jérémie could count.

Takahashi had been sweating by the end of that last bought, stripped down to only breeches. His back and the heavy muscles in his arms had been glistening. His opponent had blooded Takahashi lip early on in the fight, the red standing starkly against his pale skin. He'd been panting open mouthed, chest heaving by the time his opponent was on the ground. He'd looked up, as the crowd encircling the ring had roared, and grinned at them, licking some of the blood from his bottom lip.

Eyes closed Jérémie cupped himself through the fabric of his own breeches. Pressing against his cock and messaging. It was hard and swollen against his hand, trapped by the cloth. Unbuttoning his breeches he slid his hand inside, fondling his cock.

It was good but it wasn't enough. So after a moment Jérémie stood, rebuttoning his breeches and headed for the bedroom. He made sure the door that led out into the hall was locked on his way by.

He picked up the bottle of oily slick that smelled faintly of lavender, along with his small toy bag and headed back to the sitting room. Matthew had drawn the curtains when he'd laid the fire so Jérémie stood in front of the hearth and stripped of his jacket, waistcoat, shirt and undershirt. He sat and stripped off his stockings and breeches.

Naked Jérémie sat in his armchair again and let his hands run over the plains of his chest. The scarring was so heavy there that he didn't have a lot of feeling, but still the pressure of his hands was warm and comforting. Bringing his hands up to his shoulders and arms he traced the dark blue tattoos that covered his arms and his back. There was wide bands that ran like tree rings from wrist to elbow. There was the pattern of stars in folk designs from his home up his arms, across his shoulders and spilling down his back. He let his hands slide down his chest again and down his own belly feeling the large weight of it, the full roundness. Rubbing across the wide plains of his thighs and he then finally touched his cock. He kept the hair around his prick trimmed as short as possible, which allowed him best access to his tiny length. Reaching for the slick he poured some into his hands and let the tips of his fingers slide against the head of his cock. It made his hips jerk, made him suck in a hard breath at the feel of it.

He raised one leg up and hooked it over the arm of the chair before reaching between his legs with his other hand and stroking between his cheeks. The tip of his finger brushed against the small pucker of his asshole. Taking a breath he let himself relax enough to push the tip of his finger in, before pulling it and circling his hole again.

His other hand still played with his cock, rubbing across the tip. Using his first and middle fingers to encircle the shaft, Jérémie rubbed back and forth against the base of his cock. He alternated by making a pinching motion with thumb and four fingers and using the two to stroke up and down his shaft.

Researching for the toy bag, Jérémie upended it onto the side table. There was a long slightly curved phallus, one end thicker than the other, made out of red glass flecked through with white. The other object was also glass, short and mushroom shaped with a wide round flared head and flat horizontal base. It was made out of a dark violet tinted glass. Jérémie picked up the short plug warming it in his hands a moment before slathering it generously with slick.

Taking a deep breath, Jérémie lined the tip of the plug up with his hole and slowly, gently pushed. There was a feeling of stretching, tension, as his body struggled a little to allow the toy in. The muscles of his hole clenches and fluttered against the toy before relaxing and allowing the intrusion. Jérémie let out another long breath when the base of the toy was resting firmly against his ass cheeks, and closed his eyes letting himself feel of fullness, of being stretched and penetrated.

His hand came back up to his cock, toying and stroking it. He added more slick, letting his fingers play with the little swollen numb before reaching for the other toy. He slicked that toy up as well and eased the tip into his wet front hole. He groaned as his muscles clenched around it, sucking in a long shaking breath before pushing the toy deeper. The push of the long glass phallus into his body made his muscles of his ass clench around the large plug already inside him. He grunted and shifted making the armchair groan a little under his weight. When the phallus was as far as he could comfortably put it, he paused, trying to calm his breathing and enjoy the sensation of having both holes filled.

After a moment, once his breathing slowed he eased some of the long dildo out of his hole before pushing it back in again. He fucked himself slowly, but hard, feeling each thrust like a hit deep inside of him. The rhyme of it made his whole body feel sensitized, made him hyper aware of the large plug stretching his ass, holding him open and full. He found himself grunting and groaning with each thrust, bringing his leg up higher, even though his muscles complained, trying to go deeper. The glass toy was wide enough, long and heavy enough that each thrust felt like a punch. Not in a painful way, but in that the impact sent shock waves up through his entire pelvis and gut.

He wished he was down on his hands and knees, but then the angle would be awkward for him to fuck himself. Better yet, he wanted to be down on his hands and knees with someone else fucking him deep and slow from behind.

Eyes shut he pictured that, being taken, having each hard thrust be accompanied by the slap of hot skin against skin, the slick side of bodies pressed together.

He could imagine his partner grunting behind him with the exertion of the thrusts, telling him how good he felt, how good he looked.

His orgasm was building like a fist being clenched deep inside of him, something coiling in on itself and ready to explode.

He shifted in the chair bearing down as hard as he could on the plug in his ass, forcing it deeper, at an angle that was a little hard, a little rough, balancing on the edge of painful. At the same time he pressed the long cock in right up to the point where he thought he couldn't take it anymore.

Release was like a clap of thunder, like something powerful and dangerous that shook through his body forcing him to cry out and claw a the arm of his chair.

Going limp, he let his head fall against the soft cushioned back of the chair, and stared up at the ceiling. The fire crackled in the hearth and the pup sighed and turned over in his sleep.

Jérémie eased the long glass phallus out of his body first setting it aside and then worked the plug out as well. He stood, wincing as his knee protesting being forced up over the arm of the chair for so long and went to wash off the toys, and change for bed.

He tidied up the sitting room and unlocked the door so Matthew could collect the dinner dishes and then headed for his bedroom.

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