Wednesday, July 30, 2014

List of Differently Able and Trans/Non-Binary Characters in My Books

So just out of curiosity yesterday I sat down and made a list of all the differently able characters I've written in all my finished works thus far.

Then because I thought it might be useful I made the same sort of list but with trans/non-binary characters.

Hopefully this will be interesting/helpful for some folks.

Differently Able Characters:
Note: I have only included characters who identify/would identify as having a disability
Jamie (mobility impairments: wheelchair user) Regarding the Detectives Companion
Ronnan (heavy burn scarring and limited mobility to both hands) Heart of Water and Stone
Vasilios (castration) Like Fire Through Bone
*Arite (double amputation) Like Fire Through Bone
Lawrence (limited mobility due to hip injury: cane user, chronic pain, PTSD) The Possession of Lawrence Eugene Davis (to be released: date unknown)
Marcel (limited mobility and muscle atrophy in one leg: cane user, congenital amputation of one arm: uses prosthetic ) Winter's Bees (to be released February 2015)
Austin (double amputation: wheelchair user) Not Ourselves Alone (finished not yet published)

Trans/Non-Binary Characters:
Note: I have included characters who identify/would identify as being trans/non-binary with the modern day terminology for reference.
MC (genderqueer: masculine of center) Selume Poferre
Jun (genderqueer: transfeminine) Your Happy End
Wen Yu (DFAB trans man) Song of the Spring Moon Waning
Lui Yi ( androgynous, third gender)  Song of the Spring Moon Waning
Gregory (DFAB trans man) A Matter of Disagreement 
*Itet (DMAB trans woman) the Memory of Blood and Lotuses 
Austin (non-binary femme) Not Ourselves Alone (finished not yet published)
Ian (DFAB trans man) Not Ourselves Alone (finished not yet published)

* denotes secondary character. Everyone listed without a asterisk is a main character and part of the main romantic pairing. 


  1. Great list, EE! It's awesome to see how you're exploring different characters and bringing their stories to light.

    My one question would be, are the characters listed all main characters? That might be a good qualifier to add too. As someone with a disability, I'm always on the lookout for books with MCs that have disabilities. (Side characters are good too! I'm just always psyched to see the presence of disabilities within the main couple, if it's a romance.) - TTG

    1. Hey that's a great point and I will definitely add onto the list a marker for the characters that are secondary characters and the ones that are main characters.

      Looking at the list right now Itet and Arite are secondary characters. Every one else listed here are main characters.