Friday, September 5, 2014

Writing Update: Coming Soon and Cover Reveals!

So I have a bunch of stories and books out over the next few months. Here is some about them and their covers.

Duende is out on September 10th!!! You can preorder it here!
Famed opera singer Aimé has a lot in common with Badri, the Royal Ballet Company's most popular male lead. They have both dedicated their entire lives to their art, and struggle to be taken seriously among the Empire's elite. And both harbor a secret admiration and desire for the other.

This year for his birthday Aimé treats himself to a night at the ballet seeing Badri perform, and after the show decides to meet Badri and confess his admiration for Badri's skill. But when that first awkward meeting turns to more, they are left wondering if there is room in their lives for both career and romance...

Duende is a 15,000 word m/m novella and the second in the Mechanical Universe Series. It's sweet and fluffy with a kind of kinky, dirty sex scene that I very much enjoyed writing.

Business Makes Strange Bedfellows is coming out on October 29th. You can preorder it here as well.

Dr. Gert Bower's day goes bad fast when she accidentally releases an abominable monster of the abyss on the streets of New York City. Desperate to stop it, she turns to the only person who can help her track the monster down. Vi De Luca is a private detective and creature of the night, a vampire more than willing to help Gert—for a price.

In exchange for catching the monster, Gert must spend one night with Vi, and let Vi have her way with Gert's blood and body. Though she does not remotely trust Vi, for the good of the city Gert agrees. Yet tracking the monster turns out to be more than either of them had bargained for. When Gert embarks on an experiment to try and reanimate a human corpse things just keep getting worse.   

Right now the website has Business Makes Strange Bedfellows listed as a 15,000 word short, but don't be fooled it is in reality a solid 25,000+ novella. This is a lesbian, gothic romance, replete with monsters, mad scientists, vampires, two very dapper butch women and lots of hot slightly kinky, very dirty sex.

A Touch of Mistletoe will be Less Than Three Press' Holiday anthology. I am happy to say it will include my short story Ad Meliora. Ad Meliora is exciting because it is a An-An/M.C. short.

It is Christmas Eve and An-An and M.C. had planned on spending Christmas in Texas with An-An's family. Their plans on cut short however when M.C. takes on a last minute case, a case that should be an easy exorcism, or so they think.

But that's before they arrive at the Morgan family's lodge in the woods and come face to face with a demon wolf the likes of which neither have ever encountered before. 

Ad Meliora is a 14,000 word, trans/lesbian short about An-An and M.C.'s first Christmas together. It's very sweet, with a creepy demon and all the smoking hot, raunchy, kinky sex fans of Selume Proferre have been wanting.

And if you have yet to read about An-An Li-Johnson and M.C. Anderson's exploits pick up Selume Proferre and then check out A Touch of Mistletoe come December. 

Winter's Bees is scheduled to come out in February 2015.  It is the third story in the Mechanical Universe Series. 

Lord Marcel de la Mont de Anges, the Marquis de Montespan is a brilliant mathematician, member of the mechanical animation movement and all around dandy. He's been in love with Gilbert, shy entomologist and youngest member of the royal family, since they were children. So the Emperor's plans to arrange a marriage between Marcel and Gilbert seems like the answer to all his secret fantasies.

Prince Gilbert André XVI is still reeling from a nasty breakup, on top of that he thinks of Marcel as a brother and has never even considered the possibility of them being lovers. So when the Emperor arranges their marriage to each other as far as Gilbert is concerned the entire scheme is bound to end up being a nightmare. 

Indeed from the moment their engagement is finalized everything between Marcel and Gilbert changes. Soon their marriage is threatening the one thing both Gilbert and Marcel hold most dear; their friendship. And they must ask themselves what they willing to sacrifice in order to save it.
Winter's Bees is 33,000 word, m/m steampunk fantasy romance. Where A Matter of Disagreement was enemies to lovers, Winter's Bees is friends to lovers with an awkward arranged marriage thrown in to make things even more complicated.

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