Monday, January 24, 2011

Tiny Houses For You and Me

Hello, wonderful beings,

So I've been enamored of tiny houses, or in general very compact living spaces, for a couple years now, in a "oh aren't they cute" way. However as I get older and get on with my life, I'm beginning to think more seriously about where I might end up living and in what sort of house.

Over the last year and I half I have gotten to experience what it's like trying to keep up and heat an fairly large house on very little money. I am also aware that our natural resources are getting scarcer and scarcer as the day and years go on and the way my parents and grandparents have lived will not be the way I will be able to live.

So all and all a lot smaller then the traditional American living space starting to look more and more like a fairly reasonable idea. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company produces very compact, very green houses that you can either buy pre-made our make yourself. Of all there designs I am most drawn to the Lusby, mostly because it's the smallest house I can see more then one person comfortably living in and I hope not to be alone my entire life.

These tiny houses are very, very small but I can see myself being happy living in one. After all I've never had a huge space that was mine before and I've done just fine. Many people think they need huge amounts of space but in reality, unless you are planning on having a lot of children you don't really need that much space. A smaller space is cheaper and easer to heat too which, having grown up some place which is cold for most of the year, is a big plus for me.

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