Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am excited to announce that my fiction will be published

So a couple months ago I sent off a story as a submission to Less Than Three Press for their upcoming private detective anthology. To my complete surprise and happiness they accepted the story for publication in Private Dicks:Undercovers Anthology.

Right now the release date for 
Private Dicks: Undercovers Anthology is October 24th 2012

My story is, as of now, titled 
Regarding the Detective's Companion and is a steampunk detective story. My rather awkward little story blurb for it is as follows.

The year is 1843 and in London Jamie Griffith is trying to secure a name for himself as a private  investigator or at least scrape together enough money to make the rent. His luck seems to be taking a turn for the better when he is visited by a man offering him the opportunity to work for an unseen client. The mysterious client wants Jamie to travel to College of Natural and Computative Science at Cambridge and investigate a one Professor Robert Daniel Hallingsworth’s involvement in the untimely death of the college’s dean. Eager to prove himself Jamie takes the case and heads to Cambridge to go undercover posing as a research assistant for the extremely eccentric Professor Hallingsworth.  Jamie soon finds himself drawn into Hallingsworth’s world and that of the genius inventors and mathematicians Hallingsworth surrounds himself with. It might be due more to his budding feelings towards the professor then anything else, but the longer Jamie stays at the College the less like a cold blooded killer Hallingsworth seems.  As the evidence begins to pile up Jamie begins to wonder if anything he had been originally told about the case was in fact the truth.    

They've also accepted yet another of my stories, this time as a stand alone ebook. So stay tuned and I'll be writing about that one shortly.

I am extremely excited about this, the first piece of fiction I've ever published and ecstatic about working with the lovely folks at Less Than Three.

Thanks to everyone for giving me encouragement through this process.  

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