Friday, May 11, 2012

Grad School Hell (or should I say grad school admissions hell) is Eating Me Alive!

So I've gotten accepted at four different programs this year. Four. Two of which are cheap enough for me to actually reasonably be able to afford. Now don't get me wrong it'll still be hard, mostly because I haven't figured out yet how to afford the housing but it's all looking definitely do-able.

Also classes are over so I should be dancing in the streets.


Except freaking BU, the school in my own home town, is all messed up and at this point I don't know if they're just dragging their feet monumentally or if they actually lost my application somewhere down the line. Either way I haven't heard a word from them and I need to make a decision and give a firm answer to a school by Tuesday. They have an online system where you can check your application but it keeps refusing my ID. I've tried calling them and leaving messages, but no one gets back to me. In desperation this morning I emailed the head of admissions for the program I'm applying to and asked what was going on?

BU is a good school. No, it is a great school, one of the best in the country for what I'm interested in and close enough to my family where housing would be nice but I wouldn't be homeless either and very inexpensive. So these are all reasons why I can't just walk away and say screw them like I would for any other school.

So instead of being happy that I'm done for the semester and got accepted into more then half of the programs I applied to, I'm practically frothing at the mouth with anxiety, and obsessively checking my email.

Hopefully I'll hear soon.

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