Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On the Writing Front

So far this year I have gotten one short story and a novella accepted for publication by a publisher I am thrilled to be working with (LT3). 

I have also written another novella length story I will be submitting also to LT3 in a month or so (my beta reader/editor needs to finish looking it over first). I have also finished the short novel length post-apocalyptic story I talked about last year and hope to submit that to another wonderful publishers come the fall after I've polished it up a bit. I have a novella length urban fantasy story written and waiting in the wings that I can whip out and work on getting published one of these days as well. 

I am also in the process of writing a novel length history-fantasy story at the moment and am about two-thirds to three-fourths of the way done it. 

Why have I written so much you might ask? Well first because it is fun and I love the idea that someone might actually get to read these stories now as apposed to when I wrote this stuff for fun in the past. Also though because I suspect there will come a time when I will enter a writing slump. For most author's I've talked to this happen the first time they get a really bad, nasty review for one of their books. Or the first time they get dragged unwillingly into some nasty author drama (which is by the way quite prevalent in my genre ::Sighs::). Usually they take a little time to have a bit of a cry and probably a cuddle and remind themselves that they are good at other things besides writing. This period can take a couple days or a couple months depending on the author and what happened. I don't know yet what group I'll fall into but when it, inevitably, happens and I don't feel like writing for however long I want to have a couple stories I can polish and tinker with instead. So it's not completely lost time. 

Over all I can't tell you how amazing this has been for me. It seems really surreal at this point that I've actually publish any fiction at all. I mean non-fiction, yeah, I've always known I was good at writing that. So publishing it just seemed the next natural step. 

Fiction though, fiction is a whole other ball game for me, especially fantasy.   

Writing for me in general has always been a mixed bag because I love it and I love doing it but also my disabilities affect it so much. I've gotten so much ridicule and judgement because of that. I guess I've internalized at least some of it and just assumed I'd never be good enough to publish as an author. 

Yet it turns out I can and I have and expect to continue to publish. I have a beta read/editor who works with me for free (bless your heart M.) She takes care of the obvious signs of my disabilities enough so I can send my manuscripts along to publisher afterwards confident they're no worse than anyone else'. It makes it a slower process for me but I don't mind really.  

So yeah, all around it's been amazing and I will continue to post as new things crop up. 

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