Monday, June 18, 2012

Book Recommendation: No Quarter by L.J. LaBarthe


Archangel Chronicles: Book One

You would never know it from his flamboyant lifestyle, but Gabriel’s not just the cheerful, fun-loving adoptive father of a pair of indulged young adult humans. He’s an Archangel, commander of Heaven’s legions of Seraphim, and despite his apparently easy virtue, he’s harboring a serious crush on his superior officer, Michael.

For years Michael has devoted himself to developing a team of humans, the Venatores, to aid in the fight against Hell. He’s been pining after Gabriel for centuries without hope, believing himself to be too serious to attract the other Archangel’s interest. He’s happy to discover that he’s wrong, but their burgeoning relationship is stymied by a major problem: an egomaniacal human is recruiting demons and fallen angels in a bid to take over the world. It’s up to Michael and Gabriel, and the rest of the Brotherhood of Archangels, to beat back the forces of Hell before the Earth is overrun.

What I think: 
So I really loved this book. I usually don't read fantasy novels where the main characters are angels because my background in religion and my personal beliefs make it hard to turn off the theologian/spiritual leader parts of my brain when theological elements are strong. I had read L.J. LaBarthe's short story Sunburnt Country though and really liked it a lot, so I was looking forward to picking this one up. 

No Quarter didn't disappoint. I felt that both the romantic plot and the more action oriented plot where both balanced and handled well, the sex scenes were hot and incredibly well written and the theology/mythology elements where handled with the utmost respect. I really enjoyed reading about the main characters especially Micheal and found myself intrigued by the other Archangels as well, particularly Tzadkiel and Uriel. All and all I found myself not being able to put it down until the end. I highly recommend it and look forward to the next one, No Surrender, No Retreat, which is scheduled to be released on July 25th 2012.

Where to get No Quarter:
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