Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From My WIPs Folder (Like Fire Through Bone)

so I am in various stages of writing/editing several stories I have not official submitted anywhere yet and I thought I'd share some of those stories here.

Like Fire Through Bone: is a novel length fantasy story I am still in the process of writing although I am close to having a complete first draft. Like Fire Through Bone revolves around Vasilios Eleni, an eunuch from a rich merchant's household, who's prophetic dreams might be the key to stopping a child-snatching demon. Vasilios and General Markos Özdemir, who has been tasked by the Emperor with stopping the demon, must enlist the help of a powerful desert mystic, a half-serpent monk, a theologian and an ex-royal concubine. Only then can they hope to face the demon head on. 

The horizon was starting to turn light grey and blue around the edge when Patros pointed. "There." He said "is that what we are looking for?"

Vasilios shook himself out of his exhaustion and pain induced stupor to squint at the hut Patros had been pointing at. There was also a tree he saw and blinked several time to make sure it was really there. It was big, one of the ones with grey bark and thorns he'd seen the day before, its leaves and green, branches spread over the house. The house itself was made out of clay brick, flat roofed and square, with a small window with wooden bars across it and a wooden door.

As they drew closer to the house the door opened and a figure stepped out to meet them. Vasilios blinked several times as they drew to a halt in front of the house.

He'd expected the holy woman, Aritê of the Desert, to be old, but she appeared to be his own age. Her dark, thick hair fell in a long braid down her back, and her skin, Vasilios guessed was probably the light copper shade of his own but had been darkened by exposure to the desert sun. Her features were small and pointed and rather severe. She wore a simple ankle-length tunic of undyed cotton, a undyed cotton scarf around her shoulders and sandals. She also did not look happy to seem them.

"Are you the one they call Aritê of the Desert?" Markos asked politely, bowing a little as he spoke, "if so, we must beg a chance to speak with you, it is urgent."

"I know who you are and why you have come." she said, sounding about as happy as she looked, "the angel told me. You'd better come in."

With that she turned and went back into the house while Vasilios, Markos and Patros all stood there for several seconds in silence looking at each other.

Finally Markos shrugged and turned to Patros "mind the horses would you?" He asked and then turning to Vasilios, "you'd best come with me." 

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