Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Heart of Water and Stone has been released today!!

Heart of Water and Stone
official release date is today!

Girin is a troll, content with his simple, quiet life in the forest—a life thrown into chaos when he stumbles across an unconscious human on one of the mountain paths. The human is not an ordinary one either, but a witch—tortured, branded, and mere steps from death when Girin finds him. Unable to leave him there to die alone, Girin takes the human home to nurse him back to health. But he quickly learns that keeping one stubborn human alive is a far more difficult task than he first surmised ...So check it out!
Despite being sick I am extremely excited that my first book has finally been released and hopefully people will enjoyed it.

A huge thank you to Samantha, Megan, Sasha, V. Rios, Ania, Marie, Gabe
and all the other people involved in making this happen.
Thank you all so, so much!

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