Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Less Than Three Press Appreciation Post

I've been stressing out over the last few weeks about my impending move across the state and the start of a new graduate program. This will signal a new and hopefully fruitful chapter in my academic career but it will also bring with it some challenges, mostly around finances (anyone who's been a starving grad student knows what I'm talking about). I don't do well with change and have cronic issues around anxiety so the whole thing has left me sleeping badly, stomach tied in knots and making lots of panicky calls and emails to my mom and sister.

In these times of change and stress I would like to hold up something positive in my life right now one of which is Less Than Three Press. LT3 has agree to publish three works by me to date, they have provided me with wonderful editorial support, beautiful cover art and a whole lot of friendliness.

I tend to be very quiet and slow to put myself out there so I've been thrilled by the number of LT3 authors who have followed me on twitter or tumble and generally been all kinds of friendly. Also the team behind the scenes noticeably Sam and Megan Derr and Sasha Miller have been extremely helpful, accessible and supportive.

The subscription to the serial stories I receive as a LT3 author has provided me with new and wonderful reading material at a time when I can't afford to buy pretty much anything on my own.

Some of the highlights of the last few weeks have been working through revisions and edits. It allowed me to take my mind off the things that were stressing me out and get something productive done when I was wound too tightly to concentrate on writing or research. I find something extremely liberating in the editing process and am extremely grateful for all the editors who have been involved in revising my stories. 

And now for a little self-promoting:
Heart of Water and Stone comes out on September 12th 2012
Regarding the Detectives Companion is being published in Private Dicks: Uncovers and comes out on October 24th 2012
The Kraken Lord and the Eater of the Sun does not have a tentative release date yet but will also be published by Less Than Three Press. (It will be available along with the rest of the books on The Bestiary collection November 2012)

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