Thursday, December 27, 2012

Doctor Who Scarf: First Update

So I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

My family gathered together at my parents' house as always, although I was sick in bed on Christmas even and didn't go to church with the rest of my family. We were joined for the first time by my nephew who is seven months and adorable.

My mother (bless her) got me the yarn for my Doctor Who scarf. The yarn is real wool and incredibly good color matches, except for the yellow. Turns out the yellow which is the closest match to the original scarf is back ordered until 1/31/13, and so she got my another close match, which is a little bright but pretty good. I am definitely not complaining.

 I started the scarf on Christmas Day and kept my Nana company on the couch as she crocheted.

My sibling and I gathered together in the evening on Christmas day and watched The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle from the Sherlock Holmes Granada TV series and then Robot which is the first Doctor Who episode to feature Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. There was much commenting on and examining screen shots of the scarf as we watched.

The scarf is extremely wide which makes it feel even more of a big project. I'd read other knitters compare to knitting a blanket and it certainly is daunting like one. For the time being I've decided not to shorten it. Although I might need to start cutting out stripes or something like that once I get six feet in or so, we'll see how it's looking.

The actual knitting is a little repetative because it's simply garter stitch over and over again. I think I'm going to be really excited about it once it starts looking like the Doctor Who scarf though.  What I'm most pleased with right now is how retro 70s the colors are looking, which makes it feel wonderfully authentic.

My brother thinks I should get a battered felt hat and cosplay as the smallest Fourth Doctor ever. 

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