Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kiss Me at Midnight Give-Away

As most of you probably know to celebrate the new year Less Than Three Press has put together a huge collection of bite sized Kiss Me at Midnight stories. Mine is Zi Yong and the Collector of Secrets:

 "Every seven years a beast comes down from the mountains to feast upon the youngest children in the village. Zi Yong will do whatever is necessary to protect her baby, but what she doesn't expect is help in the form of the stranger who appears at her door vowing that she is a collector of secrets and wants only to help."  

My inspiration for this story came from a bunch of different places. I've always wanted to write a folk-tale/fairy tale kind of story and this is very much in that style. Also I read this article at Fantasy Faction about stereotypes of mothers in fantasy. In this article the author points out that often strong fantasy heroes have to loose or give up their children they don't just continue on being parents and kick ass at the same time. It made me stop and think, and then perked away in the back of my mind for a while. Parenthood and the need to protect ones child is the driving motivation in this story and I don't think detracts any from either characters' ability to do what needs to be done in full fantasy style.

A few months back the amazing V. Rios did this sketch for me of the two main characters Zi Yong and Jing Wei:

This is a great interpretation of them and a great moment from the story (I won't spoil the story by telling you which.)

Any way on to the give away!

The give-away will be open from today (December 30th) to Midnight EST on January 15th. The book is officially released on the 16th and I will be randomly choosing a winner and getting them their ebook copy then.

All you need to do to enter leave a comment with some way for me to contact you.


  1. Oh, you know I want to read that. :D

  2. That sounds really interesting!

  3. I would love to read this! My email is bounddreamer at gmail.