Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coming Soon: A Writerly Update

So I have a few things in the works or updates to make on the writing front and it's all about the paranormal/horror.

First off: Queer Fear will be coming out on May 14th. It is an anthology of LGBTQ erotic horror short stories. Mine The Possession of Lawrence Eugene Davis. 

Following the death of his father, Lawrence has returned to his family's ranch, but is quickly set upon by a demonic presence. Hope for release comes with the conveniently-appearing Elijah, but the deal he offers may be just as unholy as the demon itself.

The combination of body horror and erotica was challenging but I think very worth while and I look forward to trying to write the combination again.

Also: I got this shiny new cover for Selume Proferre yesterday. Selume Proferre is my very first urban fantasy/paranormal story with a contemporary setting.
An-An Li-Johnson lives an easy-going, quiet life. She works part time at her friend's bookstore, is active in the local LGBTQ scene, manages to avoid the occasional crazy ex, and also does some temp work for the big name spell-craft firm Simon and Davidson.

Then she's hired to work with an up and coming exorcist at Simon and Davidson, M.C. Andersen. At first An-An doesn't know what to make of her ambitious and prickly new boss. M.C. is deeply involved in the world of high stakes spell-craft, determined to carve out a place for herself among the extremely hierarchical and old fashioned world of professional exorcists. Although she can be demanding and abrasive at times M.C. treats An-An with respect, despite An-An position as an inscriber without any aptitude for spell casting. As they work together on a high stakes case of demonic possession, An-An finds herself becoming more and more attracted to M.C. Just as their relationship looks like it might be deepening into something more though, the case suddenly takes a turn for the worse.
Much, much worse.

Selume Proferre has a darker, grittier edge than I usually write and M.C. is the first genderqueer character I ever wrote. The novella will be coming out from Less Than Three Press in November I believe. (the Italian mastiff on the cover's name is Faust. He is a major part of the story I just want to give him pets and cuddles every time I look at this.)

Finally: I am pleased to say that The Memory of Blood and Lotuses, my long novella/short novel length ancient Egyptian vampire story was accepted by Less Than Three Press and will be coming out, along with the rest of their vampire collection, just in time for Halloween this coming October.



  1. So many exciting things in the offing! And oh, shiny covers. *_*

    1. I think it's kind of funny that all of these are paranormal/horror stories when I never thought I'd write in either genre. Can't wait for them to come out thought :~)