Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Release: Blood and Lipstick

The lesbian vampire anthology Blood and Lipstick is now out from Storm Moon Press. It includes 'Business Makes Strange Bedfellows' which I must say has been one of the most fun stories to write of any of my stories yet. It's about Gert, a scientist who studies the use of galvanism in reanimating the dead. While conducting research one day she disturbs a viscous people-eating tentacle monster which then escapes and beginnings preying upon the people of 1840s New York City. To stop it Gert tracks down Vi De Luca a vampire private detective, but in order for Vi to take the case Gert must promise Vi a night of access to both her body and her blood.

'Business Makes Strange Bedfellows' was written not to take itself too seriously but at the same time to pay homage to a lot of what I love about Victorian literature, gothic horror, weird fiction, and steampunk. There are handsome women in suits, a fight scene, more than one sex scene, New York's Lunatic Asylum, people for whom chopping dead bodies up with saws in normal and that's only the good guys.   

You should definitely check it out. You can buy the anthology from Storm Moon Press here. 

I am going to be part of the blog tour for this anthology sometime in the near future. I will be sharing a great article about the need for whimsy and good sense of humor when writing Victorian vampires and who all sorts of amazing writers directly inspired me for this one. 

So stay tuned!