Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In Which I Talk About What TV I've Been Watching Lately

I am officially off from school now ::high fives:: although I have plenty of school related things to worry about over the summer. I do have a little more spare time though and have been trying to use some of that spare time to relax. Part of trying to relax for me is watching some fun tv shows.

Right now  I am watching:

Masterchef: (U.S. series) 

I started watching MasterChef last year when I was stressing out about going to graduate school. I am a huge fan of food related reality shows/competitions and MasterChef has quickly become one of my favorites. I like the competition aspect, I like that it is slightly less silly and slightly more focused on food then America's Hell's Kitchen. I enjoyed the combination of Ramsay, Elliot, and Bastianich who I personally love to hate.

Season 4 has just started so it's too soon to tell who will be my favorites or who I think has a legitimate chance at winning, but I think it's going to be a fun season. 


Hannibal is an amazing show which if it continues to be as good as the first season has been so far will make it to my list of top favorite tv shows ever. I adore it for its great writing, and beautiful production. The costuming is to die for, the food design is amazing, the characterization of all the main characters makes me want to buy the writing team really expensive presents. The entire thing is for lack of a better word just very mature and adult. I especially love how the writers don't seem to feel the need to explain every little facet and nuance of the story and world using small words and maybe diagrams like so many tv shows do.

Being so involved in the show for me as been kind of weird. Of those popular things for which I have had a fannish interest I'm usually counted as an old school fan: I was a Classic Doctor Who fan since I was about 12, since both of my parents are fans I've been watching Star Trek forever pretty much, I've been a Holmesian since I was 6. When it comes to Hannibal though I have no background in the fandom at all. I've seen none of the movies, I only know the books exist because they were favorites of my undergraduate adviser with whom I was close.  So it's a little shocking to me when people talk about "new fans" to realize for the first time ever that includes me.

I am loving it though and so excited that the show was renewed for a second season, hopefully the quality stays high. I also hope to do a longer post with my thoughts, feels and squees.  

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