Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So far This Fall ...

So far the line up of upcoming releases is looking awesome I think. This is what folks should be keeping an eye out for in the next couple months:

Your Happy End: 
By day Jun is co-owner of a comic book shop. By night, he provides the high tech gear used by superhero team Ghost Hawk and The Spider. Cooper is the computer genius and information specialist behind the vigilante known as The Shadow Avenger.

Attraction and a love of graphic novels make for a good start, but if they want to last Jun and Cooper will have to overcome secrets, danger, Cooper's past and Jun's firm belief that people in the superhero business don't get happy endings.


This is a cute little short coming out on August 14th. It's about two geeks who fall in love with each other in a world were superheros exist. This was another one of those stories that was lots of fun to write because it doesn't take itself too seriously. It also contains one of my favorite sex scenes I've ever written.

The Memory of Blood and Lotuses:

This story was written for Less Than Three Press' vampire collection and like the rest of this collection will be coming out in October 2013. The Memory of Blood and Lotuses is set in Ancient Egypt and revolves around an ancient vampire who gets sucked into a plot to kill Pharaoh.

The Egyptian God Set although plays an important role in this story. Both because Iunmet one of the main characters is high priest of Set but also because he appears as a character in his own right.

I just got this gorgeous cover for the book. You can see Set in his form with the body of a human and head of Set animal reflected in the pool of water.  Also the hieroglyphs at the top of the cover say 'blood and lotuses' in Middle Kingdom hieroglyphics which I think is an awesome touch.

Selume Proferre: 

I know I've shared this cover before but it's just so pretty I thought I'd share it again.

Selume Proferre comes out in November and is a great paranormal fantasy story. Set in the modern day in a world were spell-craft is common, An-An goes to work at prestigious Simon and Davidson spell craft firm. There she ends up working with M.C. one of the most up and coming exorcists in the country. While working together on a high profile demonic possession case the two begin to form a tentative flirtation, which could lead to something more

Like Fire through Bone should also be coming out this fall and I'll be posting more about that as I get more stuff finalized with my publisher about it.

 Also stay tuned about the drop dead awesome release which has been scheduled for January 2014!

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  1. So much for me to look forward to reading! :D