Friday, January 14, 2011

Life Less Frightening

I mailed the last of my grad school application stuff yesterday. So I'm done the admissions part until I have to interview, do financial aid stuff and all that.

It really, truly scares me how much of the college admissions stuff is left up to chance. There is only so far being smart and good at academics will get you, the rest depends on all sorts of factors you have no control over. I think it's crap personally. It should be based on your ability to achieve in your chosen field. period. That's not the way the educational system works though, who's surprised really.

I am not going to community college in the mean time it turns out. Mostly because there is only so much lying shit I want to put up with. Really who thinks it's a good idea to blatantly lie to someone about law when they are trying to get into a paralegal program? They just keep jerking me around telling me they need paperwork they can't actually according to both state and federal law require of me. But they're the ones who are supposed to know what they're talking about so no one calls them out of this shit.

Lesson learned (just incase I forgot in the two years I haven't been in school) I hate it when the education system lies to me.

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